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  • Lane Filtering legalised

    On 1st July 2014, lane filtering was legalised in NSW. The MCC of NSW has fought for this legalisation for many years. For more details click here

  • Bylong Valley Way Improvements

    As a result of a cluster of motorcycle crashes in a short section of Bylong Valley Way, NSW Roads and Maritime Services (formerly RTA) and Mid Western Regional Council are completing improvements to the road using Federal Blackspot Funding. For more details see the files below.

  • Support MARI

    'Highlights of the Road' is Charis and George Schwarz's book about travelling the world by motorcycle. Proceeds from the sale of the book helped fund the Motorcycle Accident Rehabilitation Initiative (MARI) at St Vincent's Hospital.

  • Motorcycles help keep you young: software expert

    Riding motorcycles helps keep drivers young by invigorating their brains, the scientist behind popular "Brain Training" computer software said, citing a new scientific study.

  • GIO CTP "Pillion Passenger: No" Clarification

    The Motor Accidents Authority has responded to the MCC's request for clarification on the legality of GIO's CTP policies with "Pillion Passenger: No" line item.


    The Motorcycle Accident In-Depth Study (MAIDS) is a study using the internationally agreed Case Control methodology for in-depth motorcycle crash investigations. This means that for every crashed...

Lane Filtering


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Historical Data

See Transport NSW's Media Release HERE

The Minister for Roads and Ports, the Honourable Duncan Gay has announced that Lane Filtering for Motorcycles in NSW will be legalised. The Minister's Media Release is at the bottom of the page.

Christopher Burns, spokesman for the Motorcycle Council of NSW (MCCofNSW) said;

“The Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay, Transport for NSW and the Centre for Road Safety should be applauded for this common sense move to legalise lane filtering in NSW and the first state in Australia to do so.

Lane filtering is the practice of motorcycles moving between stopped or slow-moving cars.

There are multiple benefits from lane filtering including reducing the risk of riders being caught up in a rear end collision by removing them from the danger zone. Rear enders are the most common collision in NSW and can result in a rider being severely injured.

Lane filtering has been common practice for motorcycle riders across the country and overseas for decades. The benefits of Lane Filtering have been internationally recognised as a solution to traffic congestion in built up areas and will assist in relieving congestion issues on NSW’s major and minor routes thereby assisting drivers with their daily commutes.

Ultimately riders are doing all road users a big favour by lane filtering and reducing congestion.

This also highlights the fact that the community consultation process in NSW is alive and well.”

Lane Filtering reduces congestion and with close to 4,000 motorcycles travelling into the Sydney CBD every weekday the benefits to other motorists is huge.”

Encouraging the use of motorcycles and scooters in Central Business Districts also relieves parking issues for local councils as five motorcycles can fit in the space of a single car.

Drivers are reminded to watch both their mirrors and look for motor bikes filtering through the traffic and riders are advised to manage their risk.

Full details of the lane filtering implementation can be found at the Transport for NSW website.

The MCC of NSW

United we ride - Divided we walk

The Motorcycle Council of NSW (MCC of NSW) was established in 1982 and is the state’s pre-eminent motorcycle advisory group representing over 80,000 motorcycle riders from 41 social clubs and motorcycling organisations.


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  • Lane Filtering FAQ

    Lane Filtering FAQ - NSW government What is motorcycle lane filtering? Motorcycle lane filtering is when a motorcycle rider moves between stationary or slow moving vehicles in the same lane....

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